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Atlanta, USA: Content Producer - CNN Newsource

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Content Producer - CNN Newsource

Atlanta, USA

CNN is looking for a Content Producer.

Your New Role…

The live aspects of the CNN Newsource business are among the core contract obligations with CNN’s affiliate partners. The live Content Producers field produce for CNN Newsource Correspondents, program live event channels, and respond to affiliate requests. Content Producers coordinate facilities for affiliate stations, book liveshots for CNN and Newsource correspondents, and troubleshoot technical issues.

When producing in the field, they handle all logistic and editorial support for reporters covering breaking news and big events. The Content Producer also supports affiliates traveling with Newsource crews. When not in the field, Content Producers can find themselves in the control room, line producing live shots or writing packages. Some of the types of packages include breaking news, news of the day, health, consumer, and trending topics.

The bulk of the Content Producer’s time is spent at the Live Desk, where Content Producers ensure our 17+ live channels are thoughtfully programmed and robust with regional and national news. The events include live news conferences, aerials and ground shots of breaking stories, presidential trips, court proceedings, and much more. In addition, Content Producers serve as customer service representatives to our affiliate partners, acting as liaisons between the local newsroom and the CNN network.

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