About TVZ

How TVZ Works

Since 2001, TVZ has offered a vital service to international broadcasters seeking live transmission and production facilities at news and sports events.

Events Section

By visiting the list of news and sports events, broadcasters can see at a glance which companies are offering live transmission services. This is the most dynamic area of the website with new information being added 24/7. 

Broadcast Services Directory

The Broadcast Services Directory lists production services around the world.  Companies wishing to appear in the directory pay an annual fee, with the exception of the Camera Crews section which is free of charge for a single-country listing.

SNG Uplink Providers

Camera Crews

Studios/Live Positions

Equipment Rental

OB Providers

IP SNG/Cellular Uplink


OU Satellite/Fiber Space

Who Views TVZ?

TVZ attracts viewers from the major TV stations around the world and other companies involved in the gathering and transmission of video reports: TV news editors, sports editors, broadcast technicians, SNG operators, satellite co-ordinators, camera operators etc.

Who Advertises on TVZ?
Companies range from the very large to the very small. Some of them, such as EBU, AP, Globecast etc. have been with us since the beginning. Most advertisers continue to promote their services year after year.

What does an annual fee provide?
A company can have a listing in one or multiple sections of the Broadcast Services Directory depending on what facilities/services it can provide. Companies appearing in multiple countries will be required to provide an office contact in each country. Companies can also be supplied with a username/password in order to post their facilities in the news and sports events section.

Please email advertising@tvz.tv for subscription rates or fill in the form below.

For us to provide the best advertising package, please indicate in which areas of the 'Broadcast Services Directory' your company would like to be represented and in which countries you have an office.

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