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Home Based: Communications Specialist, Digital & Content [Film Maker Consultant] - UNOPS

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Communications Specialist - Digital and Content [Film Maker Consultant] - UNOPS

Home Based

Purpose and Scope of Assignment

Develop, coordinate and implement video work, including in both long and short formats, features, documentaries and interviews for UNCCT and create post-production quality, 10-15 minute feature documentaries, with seamless edits, tight synchronization and overall comprehension.

Generate story ideas and concepts for productions; ensure consistency of output to achieve objectives by commenting and editing narration scripts; engage in long-term planning for the video products; participate in editorial meetings, gather news from field; ensure that pre-production, production and post-production of the feature stories are all consistent with pre-approved objectives; ensure that all other production aspects of the video production on counter-terrorism are fully implemented; collaborate with the Department of Global Communications, particularly with the News and Media Division and UN News; and secure additional content for the products as and when necessary.

Plan production budgets; write and edit scripts and story synopses; direct in the field, prepare the location; establish the camera angles and lighting; direct talent; record; edit; synchronize, add voice overs and complete all post production work; conduct off-camera interviews. Arrange video interviews with officials, experts, victims etc.; select sound bites and visual elements to integrate into the wider communications strategy of UNCCT; feed material from the field and writing short news stories while in the field.
Liaise with relevant United Nations offices where applicable on video projects, as well as with the Permanent Missions and national authorities in the areas where filming is to take place.

Oversee all elements of the UN Victim of Terrorism Support Portal Interview Series including setting up, producing, filming and editing video content (in all official UN languages); supervise administrative support.

Produce and create tailor-made video products for distribution through social media and multimedia platforms; utilize top-class technical skills; edit on non-linear formats (Avid, Premiere, Adobe AFX, Audition, Protocols, Photoshop, Illustrator) to include file transfer of content from remote locations to the UN server in New York.

Availability to travel is a must for the production and shooting of the documentaries and other multi-media products.

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