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Geneva, Switzerland: Video Producer - UNHCR

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Video Producer - UNHCR

Geneva, Switzerland


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has one of the most robust and professional video production outfits in the world of humanitarian and UN communications. We design and deliver moving, impactful stories about real issues that matter. With video hubs in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and roaming production teams, we take our storytelling about the world’s forcibly displaced wherever it leads us. We specialise in broadcast-quality features, as well as live delivery from the field and studio, creative output for social media and animation projects – and welcome innovation opportunities. Whatever the format of the video, we make sure it gives voice to refugees and displaced persons, and advocates for the efforts under way on their behalf. Our aim is to instil a belief in hope, agency and urgency, in our audiences.

UNHCR’s Video Unit is headquartered in Geneva and is the main coordinating hub for global video production. It runs UNHCR’s TV studio, manages archiving and content management systems, and works with other branches of the UNHCR communication team, including website writers and editors, photographers and social media managers. It establishes agency-wide standards for video (including visual identity), ensures quality control and works with video producers across our global network.

The work environment is fast-paced, inside an organization with some 16,000 staff in more than 130 countries. We are dedicated to keeping refugees, humanitarian issues and UNHCR in the hearts and minds of international audiences. We are excited to welcome committed, creative and caring individuals to the team.


In a UNHCR with increasingly regionalized and localized strands of content, the role of the Video Unit is committed to providing overarching creative, editorial and technical guidance for video storytelling across our global organization, while also creating original stories and news pieces that will stand out in a noisy digital and media world. The Video Producer has the editorial skills to craft fine videos, and the human skills to help other teams to do so, too.

The producer conceives, scripts and edits videos for a range of audiences and platforms, including but not limited to public presentations, stories for broadcast television and digital/social media. The producer coordinates special content series, works with field teams, and travels to the field to produce stories. S/he is both a honed storyteller, in the field and the studio, and experienced enough to guide other people’s work, too.

The producer participates in the everyday Video Unit’s day-to-day operations, covering a wide swathe of activities that can also include helping keep up with media contacts, publishing stories, and keeping content databases current. There is daily interaction and frequent collaboration with other teams, from social media to country/regional communications hubs, to other UNHCR divisions. It is an international, multilingual and dynamic team, with constant learning opportunities.

  • Participate in production of strong video stories and news about UNHCR and the people it serves, from conception to output, for broadcast, big screen and social/digital platforms
  • Manage creative production and assist with news coverage in the studio
  • Work as content producer and storyteller on occasional assignments in the field
  • Manage serialized content projects designed for UNHCR’s digital properties, social media, large public events and/or media partnerships
  • Oversee collaborations with freelance teams or regional teams, and contribute to quality control efforts and skill-sharing to keep UNHCR video progressinng
  • Contribute to everyday video desk functions including intake and feedback on videos produced from other teams and units
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the Global Communications Service to ensure the best possible creative and audio-visual support, across all media, for UNHCR advocacy
  • Assist with preparation and distribution of videos to media and partners
  • Participate in the archiving and metadata management of video within UNHCR’s digital asset management system
  • Participate in the post-production process: re-editing, producing B-roll packages and creating outputs optimised for specific purposes and platforms
  • Participate in filming and audio-visual production at UNHCR headquarters and, possibly, other venues

  • At least 6 years of professional video experience, with at least 4 years as a dedicated video producer, video journalist, or DP
  • Confident video editing skills, including knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects,…)
  • Experience with video post-production including editorial validation processes, editing in post and output
  • Experience with content management systems (Digital Asset Management systems in particular)
  • Ease and enthusiasm in working with a range of video formats including for social media
  • Good organisational skills allowing for multi-tasking
  • Good understanding of geopolitics and humanitarian issues
  • Native-level of English, at least intermediate French, plus at least one other official UN language (Spanish and/or Arabic a plus)
  • Experience working in communications for humanitarian or UN organizations
  • Filming in the field and/or studio
  • Experience with live delivery from the field, including social media live functions and live video via 4G solutions
  • Field production savvy and ease with multilingual/multicultural production
  • Further language skills


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