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Barcelona, Spain: Digital Advisor for Operational Communications - MSF

Job Vacancy: Digital Advisor for Operational Communications (temporary position) - MSF

Location: Barcelona, Spain


In MSF project countries and regional offices, there has been an organic growth usage of digital channels – particularly social media - across field operations and there is a need to sustain and manage this growth strategically in support to MSF’s social mission. To date there is a social media profile in some OCBA countries of operations, in addition to regional profiles such as Latin America, West Africa, East Africa, etc. The need to integrate more robust digital engagement components to operational comms strategies is further increased by the global scale of response and public narrative on COVID-19. This requires a greater level of guidance and support to both our operational and field communication colleagues.

In this context, the Digital Advisor for Operational Comms works on achieving the following objectives:

Reinforce MSF´s digital communication outreach and engagement tailored to local and regional audience and our operational needs;
  • Ensure the impact of our digital strategies in support our operations;
  • Strengthen our ability to monitor and manage crisis resulting increasingly from digital sources;
  • Strengthen digital culture and knowledge across field teams and the operational comms team.

Accountable to the Head of Operational Communications Unit, the Digital Advisor for Operational Communications supports digital communications strategies for MSF-OCBA operations in the field, including for local communication and engagement strategies but also building capacity to better understand and monitor social media or other digital channels in field contexts. Being part of the Operational Communications Unit, he/she works in close coordination with the Comms Advisers and Field Comms staff. He/she contributes to the digital culture and knowledge within field teams and develops internal/external networks around digital communication for MSF operations. In order to ensure transversal collaboration, transfer of digital skills, access to digital tools and integration of activities, he/she reports functionally to the Head of the Digital Unit and works in close collaboration with members of the Digital Unit.
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