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Geneva, Switzerland: Senior Communications Adviser - Crisis Communications - UNHCR

Job Vacancy: Senior Communications Adviser - Crisis Communications - UNHCR

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

  • Leads UNHCR's work on Crisis Communications, managing teams, developing and implementing strategies, and making recommendations on management of matters of reputational risk that might otherwise impact on UNHCR's standing and its ability to help the worlds forcibly displaced and stateless.
  • Ensures the gathering and packaging of expert knowledge, data, analysis and information on developments which can be disseminated to key external audiences in order to position UNHCR as leading the narrative, building compassion and driving action for the people we serve.
  • Serve as adviser to the Head of Service and other senior managers on crisis communications and on managing crises that carry reputational risks both regionally and globally, as well as in coordination with Representatives.
  • Lead the development of crisis communications strategies and work-plans, working in association with communications staff at headquarters, regional and country level.
  • Ensure systems/working arrangements for efficient and timely responses to crisis communications matters, working closely with the Head of News and the Head of Social media.
  • Elevate UNHCR's media and public profile to meet UNHCR's own funding and positioning needs, and to underpin UNHCR's global authority and leadership on displacement and statelessness matters.
  • Draft messages, texts and other materials for use in external communications.
  • Maintain alertness to risk factors that may require crisis communications responses and ensure that coordinated preparations are in place for handling of these.
  • Working with the designated regional focal points in the GCS News & Media team strive to maintain UNHCR's leading share of voice on asylum, displacement, and statelessness matters in the international media.
  • Where relevant, in close alignment with GCS News and Media Team, serve as a Spokesperson, handling media outreach and response as well as social media communications
  • Perform other related duties as required.
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