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Beirut, Lebanon: National Videographer - UNDP

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Job Vacancy: 
National Videographer - UNDP

Beirut, Lebanon

Languages Required : Arabic / English


The UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon” project works since 2007 on enhancing mutual understanding and promoting social cohesion by addressing root causes of conflict in Lebanon. The project has been also lately working on addressing the impact of the Syrian crisis on social stability in Lebanon.
The project supports different groups from local leaders and local actors, to educators, journalists, youth and civil society activists, in developing medium and long-term strategies for peace building, crisis management and conflict prevention.
The project focuses on addressing the new challenges to civil peace and peace building in the country posed by the Syrian crisis throughout the following four outputs:

1.  Education promoting social cohesion supported;
2. Media empowered to promote balanced and conflict sensitive media coverage;
3. Local level peace building strategies to mitigate tensions developed in selected conflict prone areas of Lebanon hosting Syrian refugees;
4. NGO platform promoting nation-wide truth and reconciliation supported ex-fighters’ role in promoting peace building supported.
The short movies series, which will be developed within the scope of works of this Terms of Reference, will serve as a tool for increasing the awareness, visibility and impact of the project. The short movies series will mainly underline the new activities implemented within project.

In this context, UNDP intends to procure the services of a Producer or Director for the production of a short movies series, for publicity and awareness raising regarding the importance of the civil peace and peace building in the country, with the specifications provided below within the scope of work.

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