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Lisbon, Portugal: Multimedia Specialist - NATO Communication & Information Agency

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Job Vacancy: Team - Lead - 
Multimedia Specialist - NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency)

Lisbon, Portugal


3000 people are working 24/7 to protect 1.5 billion citizens. We serve 29 nations by defending its networks, and providing real life support to NATO operations and missions. We connect the Alliance. We are leading IT professionals. We are NCI Agency.

The NCI Agency is looking for a talented Team Lead - Multimedia Specialist. If you possess relevant education and experience, we would like to meet you!

Role responsibilities:

General Services (GS) provides and manages effective and efficient technical and administrative services to the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) and acts as the interface to external customers/partners such as ACO, ACT and NATO Office of Shared Services (OSS). GS provides direct services for the Agency’s major locations (Brussels, The Hague and Mons), and provides direction and guidance to the Agency general service functions at the geographically dispersed locations (CIS Support Units (CSUs), NCISS and CSSC). GS provides policy oversight for Agency substructure and provides selected direct services to 3rd parties.

As a ‘one stop shop’, Creative Media Conference Services (CMCS) enables the Agency’s strategic messaging through developing effective and consistent content, and establishing a professional look & feel for all electronic and printed communication & media used for (strategic) project, business and corporate communication Agency-wide. It provides professional audio-visual, video teleconferencing and conference services support, which encompass:

  • Development, design and safeguarding of the Agency’s brand and Corporate Visual Identity (strategic communication instruments);
  • In collaboration with the Head CMCS and CMCS Operations Manager, where required, providing subject matter expertise and advice to all levels in the Agency, including the General Manager, Senior Management, and Agency staff. This advice is not limited to audio visual systems design and operations, video teleconferencing operations and support, and conference services support and the creation, production and quality checking of creative media content and look & feel, but also includes: analysis of and consultation on creative media related internal and external communication requirements; advice on and development of creative media support for corporate and project communication campaigns and cross-media approaches; conference services and audio-visual support; development of inter-organizational elements workflows for project/corporate media creation and use; advise, support and coach staff on the availability and use of the Corporate Visual Identity, creative media technologies and techniques for corporate and business communication and for Agency projects.
  • Development and creation of professional, industry quality creative media, such as information graphics, photographs, video, printed materials, (electronic) multimedia, etc.
  • Providing professional, high quality and cost effective printing on-demand and reproduction services and workflows.
  • Managing delivery of branded creative media materials and campaigns that cannot be produced in-house, and managing the procurement and provision of branded items (PR materials, VIP and Long Service gifts, etc.).

Under the direction of the Head CMCS and/or the CMCS Operations Manager and under the local supervision of the NCI Academy Support Commander, you will be responsible for:

  • Control work priorities in the areas of media support and communication for the NCI Academy and its projects/programmes in coordination with other Directorates and Branches;
  • Develop and execute media policy and plans for the NCI Academy events;
  • Provide creative concepts for the use of media to promote the Agency, NCI Academy and its projects/programmes to the outside (other NATO bodies and nations);
  • Take the lead in strategy, planning, commissioning, development and implementation of local, complex creative media projects;
  • Provide subject matter expertise and partner in projects that lead to delivering (operational) course/project communication to stakeholders (e.g. Stationary Templates, Annual Reports, Product Catalogue, etc.);
  • Manage CMCS staff at NCI Academy, prioritize and schedule their work;
  • Oversee and supervise the production of internal and external creative media products;
  • Execute the role of Producer for video and multimedia projects for local and international use, which include: documentaries, stakeholders and public information programmes, news items, training and education programmes, registration, video compilations, etc.;
  • Provide basic photo and video support;
  • Design, prepare and is co-decisive in the execution of all NCI Academy illustrations, graphics, publications, and (multimedia) presentations to support the scientific research, strategic/corporate communication and marketing goals of the NCI Agency and in support of NCI Academy courses and initiatives;
  • Monitor and safeguard the proper use of the Agency’s visual identity;
  • Oversee, monitor and participate in graphical and publishing projects;
  • Facilitate, lead and create electronic media for Advanced Distributed Learning, Computer Based Training, Micro-learning NCI Academy products;
  • Stay abreast of all professional software and hardware developments and industry developments in his/her area of responsibility and assess the relevance for implementation to increase quality and efficiency of work;
  • Advise and coach Agency staff at all levels in the application and use of creative media and conference services techniques and technologies at tactical and operational levels;
  • Develop budget for procure, and maintain the equipment infrastructure for the creative media conference services production capabilities;
  • When needed provide assistance or enable surge assistance to Conference Services or Audio-visual CMCS staff;
  • Deputize for higher grade staff, if required;
  • Performs other duties as may be required.
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