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15.02.2024Netherlands: Ajax vs Bodø/Glimt *** ARCHIVE


Ajax will play the UEFA Conference League knock-out round play-off against Bodø/Glimt.

The first leg will be played in Thursday 15th February in Holland.

Our audiovisual and editorial staff is available to assist your coverage:

- Camera crew with editing facilities
- Live standup position
- 4G/5G transmission backpack
- Expert interviews
- Tailor-made package on request

For more information contact our team:

Phone: +32 (0)475 744 197

Newslive BV

Newslive can provide a redundant satellite truck with >70 dBW EIRP uplink capacity in Amsterdam. Perfect for main or fiber back-up connections.

2+1 or 1+1 configuration.

Optional camera.
Satellite capacity on hot European satellites.
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