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23.11.2023Netherlands: Geert Wilders wins Dutch election *** ARCHIVE


The Dutch will elect a new parliament on Nov. 22 in an election that will bring the Netherlands its first new prime minister in over a decade, and determine how conservative the country's new cabinet may be.

There really is a sense of a new era beginning in Dutch politics in this week's snap parliamentary election. Not only is a party formed only three months ago topping the polls, but the Netherlands could be about to welcome its first female prime minister too.

After 13 years as prime minister, Mark Rutte is bowing out and the 22 November election caused by the collapse of his government is being fought on a cluster of domestic crises - from the high cost of living and a shortage of housing, to healthcare and migration.

The Dutch campaign has centred on three issues: immigration, living standards and climate change.

It's a knife-edge election with new contenders among the front-runners: Dilan Yeşilgöz has replaced Mark Rutte at the helm of VVD, which leads the polls along with Peter Omtzigt's new NSC party, and Frans Timmermans' alliance of the Labor and Green parties.

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