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14.08.2019Saudi Arabia: Hajj: Millions of muslims in Mecca *** ARCHIVE

New TR

Millions of Muslims gathers in Mecca, the holiest city of Islam, from all around the world for annual pilgrimage.

New TR will be operational in Mecca and Jeddah.
Mecca feed point will have SNG and multicamera production facilities. Facility will move to Arafat hills on the 16th August to offer services from Hajj tents

We'll be offering following services

- Live standup in Mecca
- Studio facilities in Jeddah
- Multicamera production
- SNG facilities
- Multilingual ENG Crew
- Editing and multiformat play out

Please contact following for bookings and more information
Tel :+44 203 764 9227
e-mail :

IHA News Agency

IHA is operational in Mecca and Jeddah

-Stand-up facilities available

Technical facilities on site
Live Stand-up Positions
Tape Playouts: Beta SP/SX, DVC pro, PAL and NTSC
HD & SD available
PAL and NTSC available
16:9 or 4:3 camera
Eutelsat 10A delivery

For Booking please contact the following number
+90 212 454 2900 (Istanbul)
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