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Contact: Mahmoud Karim
Area: Gaza
Office Tel: +972595880097
Mobile Tel: +972599856274

Services: ENG crews, picture editing, news packages, fresh rushes, live studios, OB Vans (2,3,4,5) cameras, tape play out, mobile SNGs, production facilities (fixers, producers, transportations, translator and archive) and satellite capacities.

Media Group - Gaza

Contact: Ismail Hamada
Area: Gaza
Office Tel: 0097082833552
Mobile Tel: 00970592320009

Services: ENG crews, picture editing, news packages, rushes, tape play out, documentary production .

Watania Media Agency

Contact: Watania Bookings
Area: Gaza Strip,Ramallah and Jerusalem
Office Tel: +97282888694/549
Mobile Tel: +972 599 410 696

Services: Watania offers Equipped Camera Crews,News Packages,Fresh Rushes plus Full Production services like:TV Programs and Documentaries.

Yousef Atwa

Contact: Yousef
Area: Gaza strip
Office Tel: 00972599051706

Services: English Producer, Cameraman, Editor ( linear/non-linear) , connection in all over gaza, ability to arrange crews in West bank,and Jerusalem

Zain for Media production

Contact: Zain Media
Area: Gaza
Office Tel: 00970592603004
Mobile Tel: 00970599595004

Services: Ability to cover all the events in Palestine ( Gaza - West Bank - Jerusalem) plus TV news coverage .

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