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Marc Hoogsteyns

Contact: Marc Hoogsteyns
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +32 497 53 7340

Services: Cameraman with strong links to the African Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, Burundi and Congo), mainly for documentary work. Marc spends more than 8 months a year in Africa and can always be reached there via e-mail. Ltd.

Contact: Hauke Hayen
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +250785700155
Mobile Tel: +250785700155

Services: Crews, Editing,  Producer, Fixer, BGAN LNG, Events Production, Fiberoptics Seacom, Live feedpoint/standupper, EN/FR/DE

Creative Hills

Contact: Chris
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +250785780413

Services: Content, documentaries, News (Directing, shooting & Editing). Logistical support for incoming crews. Equipment Facilities Travel...

Felly Kimenyi

Contact: Felly Kimenyi
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: 0250 08502093

Services: Experienced fixer/translator as a practicing journalist i have worked with various crews working on documentaries & news pieces. I am also the AP stringer in Rwanda


Contact: Kwizera Christian
Area: Kigali, Musanze
Office Tel: +250783037464
Mobile Tel: +250783037464

Services: Photography, Camera operation, Post-production (Video editing), Directing

Genius Hood Films

Contact: Rugema Arafat
Area: Kigali - Rwanda
Office Tel: +250737878277
Mobile Tel: +250788595503

Services: We provide all Video Equipments,and all Sound Equipments in order to Produce a high quality output. We do Editing,Documentaries

Hakizimana Emmanuel

Contact: Hakizimana Emmnauel
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +250788591956
Mobile Tel: +250788591956

Services: Hakizimana Emmanuel is a Videographer / Photographer/content Creator based in Kigali, Rwanda.

James Rwasa

Area: Kigali - Rwanda
Office Tel: +250783764486

Services: I'm an IT/camera operator&video editor Language: French, basics in English, basics in Swahili.

Jean-Leonard Karuranga

Area: Kigali - Rwanda
Office Tel: +250 788503494
Mobile Tel: +250 788503494

Services: - Shooting (Full HD) - Video editing (Final Cut Pro & Avid Xpress) - Video equipment hiring - Fixing, transport and field work arrangements.

KFTV school & studio

Contact: issa murwanashyaka
Area: Nyarugenge
Office Tel: +250 788622796
Mobile Tel: +250 788622796

Services: Am cameraman,photographer,Editor (using adobe premiere pro,after effect and adobe speed grade ) and sound operator

Link Media Production

Contact: Eric Kabera
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +250 581044
Mobile Tel: +250 08306480

Services: Provides production equipment, Sony XDCamHD, HDVZ1E, PD 170, BetacamSx,BetaCamSP,Canon XL1, Lights,Sound gear, Film and TV Crews. Producing, Location Scouting and Directors. One of the highly experienced production company in the great lakes region

Locus film production

Contact: Manishimwe Jean Marie Vianney
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +250788849621
Mobile Tel: +250788839277

Services: Locus film production is based in Kigali Rwanda.. we film documentary film, the events..and we provide video service..around Rwanda.

Looking for Livingstone/Ayoze O┬┤Shanahan

Contact: Ayoze O┬┤Shanahan
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +250 727 100 212
Mobile Tel: +250 727 100 212

Services: Original content production, Production Services, Fixing Services, News Agency, Film & Photography, Fiction & Non Fiction, Distribution.

Pace Production ltd

Contact: Gustave Emilien
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +250788514840
Mobile Tel: +250788514840

Services: Documentary film, Live Events, Corporate Events, News Agency Services, Video on demand

Raymond Kalisa

Contact: Raymond Kalisa
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +250 78 850 3257

Services: Experienced Cameraman/Editor/Soundman/Field Producer/Location Scouting. Worked with: BBC,CNN,ZDF,UNDP,Experience in the Geat Lakes Region: I also shoot documentaries, News and Films in Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and Uganda

Samples Studios

Contact: Richard Mugwaneza
Area: Kigali-Rwanda
Office Tel: +250 785246305
Mobile Tel: +250 785246305

Services: Corporate and Organizations Video, TV Content, Fixing Works, Post-produciton for art films.

Verba Ltd.

Contact: Principe Tuyishime
Area: Kigali
Office Tel: +250785864223
Mobile Tel: +250785864223

Services: Video production, documentaries, audiovisual coverage, Transcription, Translation, News Coverage, Reporting, Content Creation, Documentation

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