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4D Media

Area: Ramallah
Office Tel: 009722970449

Services: ENG crew/ live stand up/ production

Al Yamama TV

Contact: Khaled Edrees
Area: Palestine
Office Tel: +972522982741
Mobile Tel: +972599252128

Services: Cinema Production & News Shooting in 4K & 8K. Full Lighting & Sound Gears for fixed or travel Shooting. Powerful Edit & Streaming Suites

Gaza Stories

Contact: iyad Alasttal
Area: 594
Office Tel: +972599627957
Mobile Tel: +970594447888

Services: French crews, picture editing, production facilities (directors, fixers, producers, transportations, translator french/arabic and archive).

Highlight Films

Contact: Abo Sada Hanna
Area: Palestine
Office Tel: 972-3-6168611
Mobile Tel: 972-52-3157770

Services: Equipped camera crews in the West Bank and full production services in the Middle East for TV and video productions

HQ Media Company

Contact: Soliman Hijjy
Area: Gaza Strip
Office Tel: +972597702287
Mobile Tel: +972597702287

Services: We provide camera crews, drone photography and videography, short documentary production, logistics, fixing, and translation.

Ibrahem Yaghi

Contact: cameraman-freelance
Area: Gaza
Office Tel: 00972599334260
Mobile Tel: 00972599600809

Services: I work as a photographer for the production of documentary films and news stories

Jamil Shakkoura

Area: Gaza
Office Tel: 00970592876261
Mobile Tel: 00970592876261

Services: French Producer, Cameraman, Editor ( linear/non-linear) , connection in all over gaza, ability to arrange crews in gaza

Louai kaddoumi/Hkmedia

Contact: Louai
Area: Ramallah
Office Tel: 00972599650065

Services: Energetic and well-connected Palestinian journalist/film maker with 18 years’ experience of working for Arab and international television channels in the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Brimming with ideas and a can-do attitude. Working as producer, Filmmaker

Media Group

Contact: ismail hamada
Area: Gaza
Office Tel: 0097082833552
Mobile Tel: 00970592320009

Services: ENG crews, picture editing, news packages, rushes, tape play out, documentary production

Mohamed Qumsan

Area: Gaza
Office Tel: 00970592128028
Mobile Tel: 00970592128028

Services: English producer, Cameraman, Editor, Connection all over gaza, ability to provide services in Gaza

Mohammed Elsusi

Contact: Mohammed Elsusi
Area: Gaza
Office Tel: 00970597510092
Mobile Tel: 00970567009395

Services: Freelancer Photographer , Film Maker , Video Editor , Audio Engineer , Music Production

Nael Ghaboun

Area: Gaza and west Bank
Office Tel: 0097082833361
Mobile Tel: 00972599601339

Services: camera crew and other Tv services in gaza and west bank

Next Tech.

Contact: Talal haboush
Area: Gaza
Office Tel: 00972567131311

Services: ENG Crews , Tape play out , editing suite , producers , translators and Live Streaming

Noor Khatib

Contact: Noor
Area: Ramallah
Office Tel: 00972-2-2955538
Mobile Tel: 00972599252122

Services: Video on demand , we specialized in: Crew rental Video coverage Post production services Production Contact us for further information:

Raed Khoury

Contact: Raed
Area: Middle East, Palestine
Office Tel: 0097222410640
Mobile Tel: 00972598955596

Services: All production equipment tv and documentary filmmaking Cameras Panasonic p2 Audio all Equipment
Non Linear Editor ( Final cut pro, Edius)

Rishmawi, Haneen

Contact: Haneen Rishmawi
Area: Middle East, Palestine
Office Tel: 00972599397880
Mobile Tel: 00972599397880

Services: Freelance Non Linear Editor ( Final cut pro, Avid, Edius) and Camera man

Saed Abu Hmud

Area: Bethlehem
Office Tel: 0097222771611
Mobile Tel: 00972522804322 - 00970599994357

Services: Documentary films, ENG Productions - Filmmaker, Cameraman and freelance Journalist.

Thafer Sabbah

Contact: Thafer Sabbah
Area: Ramallah
Office Tel: 00972 2 240 45 01
Mobile Tel: 00972 599 39 66 09

Services: 9 years of experience in media, journalism and educational production. I work as producer, on/off line editor. I do all kinds of audio production. Trained in DW tv and many other international places. Fluent in Arabic,English and German

Top Shot Production

Contact: Raed Hanna Khoury
Area: Ramallah. Bethlehem
Office Tel: 00972598955596
Mobile Tel: 00972568955596

Services: Filming all events, documentaries, news reports and concerts with the latest cameras 4K (Panasonic ux90-ux180)

Voirex media

Contact: Kamal Alazraq
Area: West Bank Ramallah
Office Tel: 009722743781
Mobile Tel: 0562100033

Services: Expert Media Solutions: Photography, Fixer, Producer, Translator, Editing, Live Broadcasting, Reports, TV Stories, All Media Services. Conta

Wesam Gabriel

Area: Gaza Strip
Office Tel: 00970599634825

Services: Freelance producer,translator & filmmaker. ability to arrange camera crews/editors and official interviews.

Wide Media- Mamoun Matar

Contact: Mamoun Matar
Area: West Bank & Israel
Office Tel: +97022976213
Mobile Tel: +970599782328

Services: Wide Media Palestinian media services company. West Bank and ISRAEL 4 full DVCAM, DVCp gears with crew ,car 1HD CAM, crew & video editing

Yousef Atwa

Area: Gaza strip
Office Tel: 00972599051706

Services: English producer, Cameraman, Editor (linear/non-linear), Connection all over gaza, ability to provide services in westbank, Jerusalem...

Zain for Media production

Contact: Zain Media
Area: Gaza - Ramallah - Jerusalem
Office Tel: 0097082834868
Mobile Tel: 00970599595004

Services: Ability to cover all the events in Palestine ( Gaza - West Bank - Jerusalem) plus TV news coverage .

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