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ACTV Japan

Contact: Jim Ballard (Production Manager)
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +81 3-5466-7851
URL: www.actvjapan.com

Services: Corporate videos, viral advertising, documentaries, short films, broadcast TV, Japan b-roll and more! We meet BBC delivery standards.

Adrià Ginger

Area: Tokyo - Japan
Office Tel: +81(0)70-4093-4867
URL: adriaginger.com/film

Services: DIRECTOR based in Tokyo, Japan. Commercials, music video, narrative. Director, Producer, Creative.

Andrew Jones Productions

Contact: Andrew Jones
Area: Tokyo/Nationwide
Office Tel: 8+81-(0)90-9373-0243
URL: www.aj-productions.jp

Services: Video Journalist. English, Japanese and Welsh speaking Sony FS7 owner/operator. Fully mobile with own SUV. 24 years in Japan.

Asia Video Support

Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: (81) 80-3496-4411
URL: www.asiavideosupport.com

Services: Bilingual video production support in Japan Thailand and Singapore. Broadcast, news, sports, corporate, features, live events. NTCS/PAL.

Aurelien Dedap Films

Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +81-70-3889-1065
Mobile Tel: +81-70-3889-1065
URL: aureliendedapfilms.com

Services: French Filmmaker / Director / DP / Editor based in Tokyo. Documentary / Event / Branding / Corporate / Music video.

Bahagski World Productions Inc.

Contact: Bahag
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +81 (0)90 181 37888
Mobile Tel: +81 (0)90 181 37888
URL: www.bahagski.com

Services: English Cameraman/Editor/Producer/Photographer. Bilingual video production support in Japan. Documentary, Interview & feature.

Cameraman Tokyo

Contact: Yann Moreau
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +8190 4096 7240
URL: www.cameraman-tokyo.com/

Services: Cameraman, videographer, photographer, video editor in Tokyo. CNN, Nhk, Vogue, ESPN, and more, already trust us. Feel free to Contact us!


Contact: Robin Probyn Guild of British Camera Technicians
Area: Nation Wide
Office Tel: +81-90 2641 6192
Mobile Tel: +81-90-2641-6192
URL: www.cameramanjapan.com

Services: UK Cameraman working exclusively for foreign productions shooting in Japan. Sony Fx9 FF 6K Camera .

Chris Moore

Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +81 90 3880 0895
Mobile Tel: +81 90 3880 0895
URL: http://www.move-ment.co

Services: Tokyo based English and Japanese speaking bilingual Director and DoP. Sony FS5, Canon C300 m2 kit for interviews, branding, documentaries.

DFS Productions

Contact: Hotaka Matsumura
Area: Osaka
Office Tel: +81-(0)72-943-2864
URL: www.dfscinema.com/

Services: We offer production services, fixing, crew coordination, location services, and video productions in Osaka and its surrounding area, Japan.

Edan Mason Sound

Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +81 80-4405-2493
URL: edanmason.com

Services: Fully equipped location sound mixer. Documentary, narrative, reality, commercial, branding. Equipment list at http://edanmason.com/equipment

Envoy Japan

Area: Nationwide
Office Tel: +81 (0)80-41408680
URL: www.envoy.jp

Services: Camera, sound, HMU, casting and location services. Your one stop shop for your shoot in Japan. Fluent in English

Fixers Japan Inc. - Media Project Solution

Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +81-3-6204-9219
URL: fixers-japan.com

Services: Location / Scout / Permit / Crewing / Interview / Translation / Interpretation / Logistics Support FOR TV show, Documentary, Corporate, etc.

Flavio Gusmao

Area: Tokyo - Japan
Office Tel: +81 080 8491 8486
URL: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6524692/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Services: Photo/Cinematographer(Red,Alexa,BMCC), AC and FocusPuller. 5DMKIII, Sony FS5, Wireless Mic, ZeissLens, Accessories. Other cameras available.

Hans Bobànovits

Contact: Hans Bobànovits
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: 08021443187
URL: www.bnvts.com

Services: Canadian Cinematographer/DOP based in Japan. Speaks English, French. Alexa Mini Kit, Red Epic Kit available. Full crew available.

Interscreen Japan

Contact: Winni Firneisen
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +81-3-3417-3450
Mobile Tel: +81 80-3016-8465
URL: www.interscreen.co.jp/eng/index.html

Services: Equipment rentals and production services - NTSC/PAL- BETA SP, SX, DigiBeta, HDCam. Multi-lingual staff


Contact: Michael Goldberg
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +813-3333-5335
Mobile Tel: +81-901-455-5444
URL: www.ivw.co.jp

Services: Japanese speaking, Canadian camera op / DP, in Japan over 28 years. HD / HDV / SD, NTSC / PAL, full production & crews, coordination, for documentaries, news, sports, corporate

Japan sound recordist

Contact: Christian Storms
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +81-90-2245-2671
Mobile Tel: +81-90-2245-2671
URL: japansoundrecordist.com

Services: Sound Mixer Sound Recordist Japan

Japan Video Production

Contact: Xavier Marchand
Area: Shibuya
Office Tel: +81 90 5441 0214
URL: www.japanvideoproduction.com

Services: Video production in Tokyo. From location scouting or permit applications to production of corporate videos, interviews, event coverage...

Japan Video Support

Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: (81)080-8443-2367
URL: www.japanvideosupport.com

Services: Providing video production support to foreign crews coming to Japan

Jeremie Chanteraud

Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +8170-3982-6849
URL: www.doyoubuzz.com/jeremie-chanteraud

Services: Camera/sound recording for various video (interview, music video, company, reports etc.) Editing

Jiro Kumakura

Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: +81-3-6323-6660
Mobile Tel: +81-80-5197-7497
URL: jirokumakura.com

Services: Videographer based in Tokyo. Documentary on tourism and environment issues. English and Japanese. Canon C100 mark2.

John Donica

Contact: John Donica
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: 07041572033
URL: www.johndonica.com

Services: Cinematographer based in Tokyo. Shooting documentary and fiction films, commercials.

Kotaro Tateishi

Contact: RAMAIR, Inc.
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: 81-44-201-9342
URL: http://www.ramair.jp/kotaro/video_cameraman_tokyo.htm

Services: HD Video shooting in Tokyo area. 20 years of experience in News and corporate video. Own four HD Camera with sound and lighting gear.

LIghthead Productions

Contact: Richard Eaborn
Area: Tokyo
Office Tel: 080 5026 4676
URL: http://rescorpio17.wixsite.com/lightheadproduction

Services: I am very ambitious, passionate, hard-working and love taking up new challenges in life.

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