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ATV Broadcast Solutions Ltd.

Contact: Kristina Sakaliyska
Area: Eastern Europe, Balkan countries
Office Tel: +35924911708
Mobile Tel: +359888001002
URL: www.atv-bg.com

Services: 24/7 creative ENG crews and cameramen; English, Russian, Balkan languages speaking; experienced Producers/Fixers;  IP services

Dreamweaver Productions

Contact: Ivo Mitev
Area: Bulgaria, Europe
Office Tel: +359-877-456-441
Mobile Tel: +359-877-456-441
URL: dream-tv.eu

Services: Over 30 years of international experience including networks like NBC. Specialized in a small crews including One-man crew. Covering EU.

Lyubomir, Brestnichki

Contact: Brestnichki Lyubomir
Area: Sofia
Office Tel: 00359888236144

Services: DP, cameraman.

Peter Georgiev

Area: Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia
Office Tel: 00 359877198881

Services: Freelance cameraman with 10 years of experience. ENG and doc. English. Driving licence. SD and HD cameras. 2/3 and S35.

Roussinov, Miroslav

Contact: Miroslav Roussinov
Area: Bulgaria
Office Tel: +359 2 9624823
Mobile Tel: +359 88 519628

Services: Camera crew equipped for Bulgaria and the region. 23 years experience in documentaries and news


Contact: Dimitar Hadjiev
Area: Balkans and Ukraine
Office Tel: +359887585177
URL: http://www.skat.bg

Services: HD/SD shooting with trained camera crews in the whole region; HD/SD editing facilities in Bulgaria; SD IPNG + engineer.

TV1 Broadcast Company

Contact: Rumen Kovachev
Area: Europe, Balkan countries
Office Tel: +359 2 9523167
Mobile Tel: +359 888 627313
URL: https://tv1-bg.com/

Services: English, Russian, Balkan languages speaking camera crews from Bulgaria, with HD/ SD camcorders. Postproduction, File transfer, live streaming.

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