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TVN News & Services Agency (Warsaw)

Live broadcast studio and production facilities in Warsaw and many other cities in Poland.

ul. Wiertnicza 166
02-952 Warsaw, Poland

Bookings (24/7):
Phone: +48 22 453 6162

TVN News & Services Agency is part of TVN S.A., the largest privately owned media group in Poland and is the most comprehensive, in terms of services offered, media agency in Central and Eastern Europe, offering complex service to television channels, newsgathering organizations and productions companies as well as corporate clients.

Our wide offer includes such services like live transmissions from the most important events or news and archive video footage, customized on demand production and video distribution. We provide broadcasting and production services including rental of technical facilities (SNG trucks, OB-vans, ENG equipment), rental of television studios, production of HD quality aerial footage all over CEE region, corporate video production, playout and teleport services. Wardrobe rental, participation in trainings and advisory services in terms of studio formation and television technology are another part of our offer.

As TVN News & Services Agency we offer a wide range of TV studios, including our live studios located in convenient locations at the TVN regional offices in major Polish cities of:

- Bialystok
- Gdansk
- Katowice
- Krakow
- Lodz
- Poznan
- Szczecin
- Torun
- Warsaw
- Wroclaw

Studios always have characteristic city symbols in the background (i.e. Palace of Culture and Science backdrop in Warsaw). Single-camera shots are available in all studios on a routine basis. Multi-camera solutions can be arranged upon individual requests. Thank to the in-house production office space, production and post-production facilities, our studios are complex solution for your production and will suit your needs.

Apart from the above, we offer multi-format tape playout facilities ex. regional offices from the list above. A fully equipped, Warsaw-based playout center is capable of handling a complete range of tape formats used in modern media including (HDCam (SR), HDV, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP/SX, DVCam, XDCam, P2 and MiniDV.

TVN regional offices are permanently linked to the national fiber network connecting major cities in Poland and to the Warsaw
teleport what enables to deliver the live signal wherever it is needed. Thank to the dedicated staff, 24/7 Booking and usage of expandable two-way connectivity to the global fiber system operated by Genesis Networks as well as proprietary national fiber network, we are ready to find tailored solutions for all kind of transmission requirements.

Also, to your disposal are two virtual sets at the TVN main headquarter in Warsaw, allowing production of interactive 3D graphics and its combination with real images and visualizations, and other TV studios based in Warsaw, such as:

- Studio S1 with a surface area: 160 m2,
- Studio Hoza with a surface area: 500 m2,
- Studio Kawalerii with a surface area: 88 m2.

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