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TV2GO International is Canada’s Premier
Occasional-Use Teleport located in Toronto, Ontario.

Booking Inquiries 24/7:
Tel: +1 416 449-9400 x 247
(Rebecca Amorim, Client Representative)
MCR: +1 416 696-9633

For over 30 years, TV2GO International has customized industry-leading Transmission and Production solutions. The organizers of over 6,000 events, and counting, have relied on TV2GO’s Satellite, Fiber, and IP services.

Teleport Services:
TV2GO’s Satellite services provide uplinks, downlinks, and ASI turnarounds to or from any Satellite around the world, with a footprint spanning every major continent. From our homebase in Toronto, we can transmit and receive signals from any Ku or C-band frequency (circular or linear) between 12 degrees West and 125 degrees, and with our reliable and long-standing international network, TV2GO is connected end-to-end around the globe.

With expansive Fiber connectivity, TV2GO excels at hybrid solutions to get your signal to its destination in the manner that works best for your project.

In addition to Satellite and Fiber, TV2GO has invested in cutting-edge Video-Over-IP solutions like RTMP, SRT, Cerberus, LTN, LiveU, and Zixi to provide the routing determined by each broadcaster’s requirements. Regardless of destination, TV2GO gives you the answer to your needs.

TV2GO Canada - satellite dish. Canada: TV2GO satellite dishes.

DSNG / OB Solutions:
TV2GO International’s Satellite Trucks offer breakthrough technology for broadcasters looking to uplink from areas with low connectivity or to provide an Internet hotspot.

TV2GO Canada: SNG satellite uplink truck.
In addition to a conventional uplink, our trucks also:

  • Broadcast Video-Over-IP
  • Provide Net Return, Prompter Feeds, and Intercom
  • Create a 20 Mbps WIFI hotspot
  • Handle 4-camera REMI Production
  • 4K HEVC 12G Broadcast Transmission

Studio and Production Services:
TV2GO boasts several fully-equipped studio spaces with professional-grade Production competence, including experienced camera operators for live interview hits and Satellite Media Tours. With green screen capabilities, 80” 4K LED Panel, and multiple IFBs and Producer Lines, our studios support a variety of professional Productions.

TV2GO Canada - live broadcast services. TV2GO Canada - broadcast services.
TV2GO Canada - live studio broadcasting.

Equipment Rentals:
From cameras to encoders, decoders, and bonded cellular options such as LiveU and Dejero, TV2GO provides affordable rates on all our equipment and often ships to remote venues/production facilities that require a boost to their hardware.

TV2GO - mcr. TV2GO - monitor bank.

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Booking Inquiries 24/7:
Tel: +1 416 449-9400 x 247 (Rebecca Amorim, Client Representative)
MCR: +1 416 696-9633 

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