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New TR (Washington DC / New York)

Washington, DC studio:

1445 New York Ave,
Washington, DC 20005

For bookings in Washington, DC, please contact:

Bookings: +44 203 764 9227


New TR offers a live broadcast HD studio in Washington DC New TR provides live studio broadcast facilities in Washington DC.

Washington DC live broadcast studio supplied by New TR.

New York Studio

One Penn Plaza, # 2107, NY, NY 10119

New TR New York bureau is located at One Penn Plaza. We offer the following services in NY:

  • Single camera DTL studio
  • News production and ENG crew
  • IP/Cellular bonding live transmission
  • Portable studio and SNG truck availability

NewTR offers a live single camera broadcast studio in New York. Broadcast studio production hire in New York for live transmissions.

NEW TR News Agency is an international news agency and broadcast services provider based in London. 

Our agency offers newsgathering, studio production, satellite transmission, content distribution and earth station services from London, Istanbul and various other locations.
NEW TR has 12 offices in the world: London, Istanbul (Şişhane and Bağcılar), Paris, Moscow, Riyadh, Jeddah, Beirut, Doha, Kuwait, Washington DC, New York and Kuala Lumpur. These offices operate DTL and/or multi-camera studios.
NEW TR ENG teams, SNG trucks and flyaway sets are always deployed to cover events, big stories and breaking news all around the world so the agency can provide fast and reliable coverage for its clients. SNG trucks based in Istanbul and Paris travel accross Europe and the Middle East to cover big stories and special productions for clients.
NEW TR staff cameramen and reporter/producers provide feature stories in Gulf countries, upon request and tailored for clients.
New TR Istanbul studios have a bi-directional connection to The Switch Fiber network. By the way, our Bağcılar facilities are connected to hundreds of studios, broadcasters and earth stations in the USA and worldwide.
New TR also has a large database of political and academic experts with various nationalities in many countries. We assist our clients to find the best experts on the related topic to attend their show.
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