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Broadcast TV studio and live stand-up positions in Qatar


Union Trust Tower, Street N 305
Third floor, Office 301/302
Lusail, Doha

For bookings, inquiries, and rate cards for our live TV broadcast studios in Doha, please contact:

Tel: +97441402442
Mobile: 0097431101001 / 0097433322812



Lusail Studios is a fast-growing high-end Broadcast Services & Media Production Company, offering advanced, reliable, flexible, and scalable broadcasting services to television channels, production companies as well as corporate clients.

Lusail Studios offers broadcast studios in Doha City with a range of delivery connectivity options, as well as editing suites and access to additional crewing.

We provide the following services using the latest and high-tech technologies and equipment:

  • Studio Rental
  • Equipment Rental
  • Live Studio
  • Single camera DTL broadcast studio
  • Camera Crews
  • Tape play out
  • Director
  • Logistic Services

Studio A:
Has an area of 140 square meters, and it has the following features:
Customizable walls, where the client can install a portable wall according to production requirements, a curved cyclorama, its colors can be changed between green, white, or blue to provide professional production services.
And Makeup and dressing room to enable presenters and guests to access all facilities for their best appearance on camera.
In addition to a lighting grid connected via DMX cables that can be controlled manually or remotely via the lighting control unit.

Studio B:
Has an area of 116 square meters; it has a unique modern design that combines the perfect location, and the availability of technical support in the same location. The studio is designed to host all types of professional media productions.

The studio has a control unit that includes all the devices and equipment needed for professional media production, including: a video mixing unit for editing, multiple displays, an audio mixing unit, a teleprompter screen, a lighting control unit, and a communication system with camera crew.

It also has an editing unit with modern editing software such as Adobe Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Equipped with the latest editing technology and professional visual systems. The editing unit is connected to the control room via a video and audio network to provide live editing services without delaying and synchronizing the production process.

Our Booking & Coordination Center are managed and operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to provide the fully needed support and to coordinate and secure the execution of a successful job achievement every time.
We are confident that we can meet your demands, even at short notice.

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