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GCSTV is a Palestinian Media Production Company HQ in the Gaza Strip, providing media production, and broadcasting for domestic and international clients.

We have a staff of experienced and professional engineers, producers, camera crew, and editors who strive to help clients maintain a high level of service quality.

GCS’s services we provide in Palestine (Gaza, West Bank, Jerusalem)

- Production: Reports and TV Stories
- Indoor & outdoor live streaming
- Mobile SNG Truck
- Camera Crews
- Editing
- Documentary Filming
- Workspace for reporters
- And, other services.

For further information, visit our website:

To book your service or to inquire about prices, you can send an e-mail to our booking department on the following contacts:

  • Email:
  • Mobile: +972597024202
  • WhatsApp: +972597024202
  • T: +972 82827146
  • Administration Contacts:
  • Ibrahim Dwedar Mobile & Whatsapp: +972599620006
  • Fuzan Alkafarna Mobile & Whatsapp: +972599790002

Live transmission facilities in Palestine and Gaza. GCS provides live stand-up and SNG truck in Gaza and Palestine.
GCS supplies live stand-up facilities in Gaza and Palestine. GCS provides live transmission and production facilities in Gaza, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

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