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FreeLens TV

Office LU: +352 48 47 48
Yann Lux: +352 691 48 47 48
Igor Lux: +352 691 48 47 40
Yann Fr: +33 6 88 53 34 19


Capture and Livestream
The studio equipment adapts to the size of the production. The capture can be done with 1 to 6 cameras for a classic event, including an HF camera, or with 3 cameras and a camera mounted on a robotic arm, to film in a virtual setting. Other installations can complete the device, such as a slider, a tracking device, a crane, etc.

To secure the content of the livestreams, you use our own players and your files are hosted on our servers located in France. Validated by governments and large groups, the solution we have implemented guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data.

Tools and Options
In addition to the classic interaction tools such as Q&A, chats, votes and statistics, we have developed a simultaneous translation system in several languages and a technique to insert remote guests into the decor, as if they were on the set. The set has a priority connection solution and duplex without loss of image quality.


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