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Cactus Film & Video (Buenos Aires)

Cactus Film & Video  (Buenos Aires)

For more information about Cactus Film & Video or to place a booking, please contact:

Jose Cohen + (52) 1 55 54543610 or by email:
Cruz Salinas+ (52) 1 55 54311275 or by email: + (52) 55 52077601

Cactus Film & Video in association with American TV Agency, offers broadcast facilities in Buenos Aires City.
Supporting news coverage and breaking news, live shots, Tape Play Out, HD ENG Crews, bilingual personnel, Cameraman, Soundman, Fixer, Producers
Video and Audio Editing, etc.

Our Studio is located in Austria 2457, 9A, Recoleta, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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