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Cactus Film & Video

Cactus Film & Video
Our broadcast studio features a selection of backgrounds of Mexico’s bustling capital.

For more information about Cactus Film & Video or to place a booking, please contact:

Jose Cohen + (52) 1 55 54543610 or by email:
Cruz Salinas+ (52) 1 55 54311275 or by email: + (52) 55 52077601

Cactus Film & Video is now connected to The Switch

With this partnership, Cactus offers Mexico City broadcast facilities with the most privileged view of the City, using the strong fiber loops in The Switch.
Supporting news coverage and breaking news, live shots, Tape Play Out, Conventional Ku Band Satellite Uplink / Downlink,
Satellite Internet for Data Services, Streaming and Webcast Services, Facebook and Social Media lives,
HD ENG Crews, bilingual personnel, Cameraman, Soundman, Fixer, Producers, Equipment Rentals, Web Casting, Video and Audio Editing, etc.


TV studio with a selection of back-lit postcard backgrounds

Our versatile studio features a selection of backgrounds of Mexico’s bustling capital making it the perfect setting for any type of guest interview at any time of day or night.

Live Positions:

We have two outdoor fibre optic live positions.

  • A roof top position on the 8th floor of our downtown offices gives us an incredible view towards the iconic “Torre Mayor”, the tallest building in Latin America and the prestigious St. Regis hotel.
  • An on street location in front of the impressive Cibeles roundabout, in the heart of Mexico City.


ENG Truck

The latest addition to the list of services that we offer! Our truck is equipped with a 2.4 metre antenna for KU band, offering SD and HD transmission capability.

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