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Associated Press (Pyongyang)

Associated Press (Pyongyang)

The Associated Press offers a range of live broadcast positions in Pyongyang with access to satellite and fibre networks to complement your live coverage from North Korea.

For bookings in Pyongyang, please contact:


Tel: +44 20 7482 7580 / 7590



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AP offers two live positions in Pyongyang.

Yangakkdo International Hotel: Single-camera position with live panoramic views of Pyongyang’s skyline.

AP Pyongyang: live camera stand-up position for broadcast transmissions.

Kim Il-sung Square:
Single-camera ‘street-live’ position at Kim Il-sung Square in Pyongyang.

AP Pyongyang: live TV stand-up position for broadcast reports.

International delivery via AP's satellite and fibre networks.

Standards: SD PAL, SD NTSC, HD 1080i/50, HD 1080i/59.94

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