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Sweden: Mobilelinks

Mobilelinks supply teleport facilities in Stockholm.

Mobilelinks offer teleport services from the Kaknäs tower located in Stockholm. The tower is a central connection point for media companies in the Nordic countries.

Kaknas Tower teleport in Stockholm, Sweden for satellite uplink transmissions.
With outstanding connectivity to media companies in the Nordics, the Kaknäs tower is the mediahub in Scandinavia. Mobilelinks are operating all occasional use services at its facilities which is specially built for this purpose.

With the Kaknäs tower as a core for teleport services, we are ready for any challenge in today's media delivery process and can offer a full service product including Ultra HD services.

Mobilelinks also offer services like SNGs and fibre transmissions in Northern Europe.

Please contact us at +46 (8) 564 104 50 or for bookings or more information.

Address: Mobile Links Europe AB
Strindbergsgatan 32

Tel: +46 8 564 104 50

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