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Sahara Media

Sahara Media
Sahara Medias Agency
11 Av Sanaa appt 16, Rabat Ville

Contact Details:

Tel: +222 4524 17 17 or +222 4525 51 81
Fax: +222 4525 51 97
Mobile: +222 36 33 11 36, +222 44 33 11 36, +222 36301905


Sahara Media Group is a Mauritanian enterprise that specializes in audiovisual productions. It was created in (1997), thus having a valuable ten year experience in this field. Its geographical areas of action are North and West Africa. The Group has all the necessary equipment for shooting and editing pictures, the handling of digital sounds as well as satellite transmission. Sahara Media Group issues the daily newspaper, Al Akhbar, which has become a reference among Mauritanian newspapers for the quality and relevance of the news it provides. In addition to that, Sahara Media maintains a website that updates news every minute of every hour in Maghreb Arab and the Sahel. The website is called

Sahara TV

In other area of activity, Sahara Media is investing as a technical and strategic partner in a project for the creation of private TV station in Mauritania. The project, which is finished on paper, awaits official permission to start broadcasting on local level and later on satellites.

Radio: Sahara FM

Sahara Media have a Radio called: Sahara FM covering all events in the region and Sahel,


The Group provides a wide range of services that revolves around the production of almost all news production items. The list of Sahara Media many prestigious partners includes:

  • The Qatar-based Al-jazeera Satellite Channel
  • Al-Hurra In USA
  • Middle East News in Dubai
  • APTN in London
  • Dubai TV Station in Dubai
  • France 24
  • Abu Dhabi TV station in Abu Dhabi

The Group has created more than forty jobs to managerial employees, journalists and technicians. This team works in a spirit of excellence and hard work, each one for the optimal discharge of their own responsibilities.

Sahara Media has as well created a Research Center for media resources and training in audiovisual methods and journalism. In all these occupations, Sahara Media is renown for self-sacrifice, impartiality, editorial independence and all the values cherished by journalism.


Tape Playouts

Sahara Media provide tapes playouts by means of MCR. The tape formats are DVCAM and Beta SP.


In Dakar and Rabat Sahara Media has FTP-capable facility to transmit non-urgent tape material. In Nouakchott the service can not be provided because of the weak internet and bad quality of connection. But it can be used as last resort when the transmission takes long hours.

The FTP setup works as follows. The other party has to send the FTP address, user name and the pass word. Then the material will be sent by the MPEG , WMV or AVI format.


Sahara Media provides SNG in Nouakchott , Dakar and Rabat with engineer, live camera gear, and camera operator. SNGs is usually booked two days in advance but we can provide it a day off.


In the event of breaking news, Sahara Media can deploy the SNG. Live roof top positions, or studio, SNG can be manned and running for injects 24 hours per day during any given breaking news situation.

Broadcast live in Morocco with one of our Live IP ENG crews. We have LiveU, Aviwest and Mobile Viewpoint 

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