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Patron Network

Patron Network

Broadcast services in Manchester, UK & Worldwide, SNG Uplink truck – Flyway, Engineer-Camera crew(s).

76 King St,
Manchester M2 4NH

Satellite and Events Desk
T: +44-1618188976


DSNG - Flyaway:


  • 1.2 Meter Antenna with Ku band Uplink
  • TX 14 – 14.5 GHz
  • RX 10.7 to 12.5 GHz
  • 180 Watt Outdoor HPA
  • Tandberg Encoder SD/HD
  • 4 channel Audio Mixer
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • 1 x Camera SD/HD
  • Multi Camera Option also available

Patron Network can deploy this equipment including dual-paths anywhere worldwide & provide support 24/7.

SNG Uplink:
Patron Network can provide SNG uplinks both locally throughout UK as well as internationally at all key locations from USA (Washington DC) throughout Europe to Middle countries such as Baghdad & Tehran.


Live Studio/Stand – Up:
  • Camera shots for reporter & Guest, Open-Air stand up, Multi-Camera Options, Play-Out facilities.

SNG Truck:
  • Single camera, one uplink operator, space segment and preparation time.
  • Camera & Crew for live shots on SNG or path hiring.
  • Air Space capacity.

Package Reports:
  • Camera crew, editing of the material, archive footage support, transportation of reporter, play out satellite transmission.
  • Working space (desk, computer and Internet) for the reporter.

Engineer Crew:
  • Professional camera crew. Soundman, extra lights & transportation
  • Equipment utilized Camera (XDCAM or SX).

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