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Linx Productions

Linx Productions
Broadcast services in Skopje, Macedonia: DSNG - uplink - video production - ENG crew

For bookings in Macedonia, please contact our Zagreb office:

Jurja Dalmatinca 5
10000 Zagreb

Faridoun Hemani and Natasha Radanovic
Tel: +385 1 230 4882 or 4883
Mobile Tel: +385 98 276 583 or +385 98 209 196
Fax: +385 1 230 4882 or 4883

Web Address:

Linx Productions also has a regional presence in Kenya, East Africa.


We can provide you with a one-stop service in many parts of the world - producers, camera crewing and hire, editors and editing equipment, and uplinks and feeding services. Whether you are a broadcaster, NGO or a corporate client, we can take care of your needs in many parts of the world where working conditions are difficult - and where it is not easy to find industry-standard gear or people with professional skills that you need.

Central-Eastern Europe, Balkans, Africa and the Middle East - just some of the places where we can claim to be experts.

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