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Linx Productions

Linx Productions
Budapest, Hungary: SNG uplink - flyaways - camera crew - editing - live satellite transmission

Tel: +385-98-276 583

Linx Productions can provide you with crewing, editing, producers/fixers for your needs. Budapest is a good travel point for Central-Eastern Europe - by road and air.

We also have uplink facilities as follows:

Fully redundant 1.9m Advent flyaway, lightweight, ready for travel all over the region. Comes with two experienced operators. The coordinator speaks fluent English, Russian, Hungarian and other Slavic languages. Hungarian nationals do not need visas for Russia, so team can travel at short notice to Moscow.

Very good flight connections from Budapest and Vienna (only 3 hours away) to most destinations in the world. Excess baggage costs from Budapest and fares inexpensive.

We also have access to other uplinks in the region - from 90cm Swe-dish to 1.8m Dornier vehicles.

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