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F-7 Islamabad - Pakistan

Tel:+92 512 653 716 & +92 345 575 78 90

IHA has opened a bureau in Islamabad, Pakistan in partnership with AIS. It is located in the Blue Area of the city (F7) with views of the Margalla Hills and Faisal Mosque. The bureau will gather news and offer broadcast services including a fixed uplink with exterior and interior multi-camera studios, capable of simultaneous transmissions (2 paths) using IHA transponders on Eutelsat W2A. From Islamabad IHA will deliver client live and tape programming to the rest of the world using its extensive network of connectivity. Package reports, tape play out, editing, crewing, and work space for visiting correspondents, are also provided. Experienced technical and editorial (multilingual) staff are available 24/7. IHA offers competitive rates for all its services from Islamabad.

IHA is able to provide inside and outside studio facilities in the Islamabad office with single as well as multi-camera live shots. IHA's inside position features a very nice backdrop of Islamabad with views of the Margalla Hills and Faisal Mosque. It is also possible to have roof-top lives in IHA Islamabad facilities. Both inside and outside studios are connected to IHA’s uplink for delivery almost anywhere in the world.

IHA also offers editing facilities with an experienced editor in Islamabad bureau.

Live studio shot
Faisal Mosque

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