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GM Links

For live broadcast and transmission production services in Sana'a and Yemen, please contact our office in Palestine:

Tel: +970-59-9682260
Tel: +972-59-9856274
Tel/Fax: +972-82-15219

GM Links is a company that operates in the heart of media production and broadcasting. It was established in 2014 under license fromthe Ministry of Information.

GM Links provides its clients with all broadcasting and production services including ENG crews, picture editing, news packages, fresh rushes, live studios, OB Vans (2,3,4,5) cameras, tape play out, mobile SNGs, production facilities (fixers, producers, transportations, translator and archive) and satellite capacities.

We have a partnership with many broadcasting and production companies in several places around the world such as: Gaza, West Bank, Jerusalem, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Moscow, Istanbul, Islamabad, Jordan, Yemen, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Washington and London.


Broadcast Services:

  • Live Studio ( SD/HD).
  • Live SNG (SD/HD).
  • TPO.
  • Fiber optics network for streaming & FTP.
  • Turn Around: Turn Around services is available from any place to any place by using satellite or streaming.

Space Segment Services:
For both, occasional use and long term lease (Yearly) basis, In all Eutelsat , Arabsat and Intelsat Satellites , with capacity ranging from 3 MHz to 36 MHz.

Production Services:
  • Digital OB van: Perfect for news and program shows, digital trucks provide all you need to ensure good output quality.
  • ENG crew and editing: HD/SD shooting and editing with latest technology.

--Archives & research services:
We offer Archives Research services across the Middle East Region.

--Interview production:
with our regional network of journalists/correspondents we offer interview production and guest, expert, researcher and politic.

-- Documentary Films.

News Desk:
  • News gathering & forward planning:  Specialized News Gathering & forward planning with a regional reach, This allows a better coverage and anticipation of the region’s events.
  • Ad hoc occasional correspondence & permanent correspondence service:  A permanent correspondence service by one of our journalists and an ad hoc correspondence interim service are available through our journalists in English, French or Arabic.

Media Assistance & Logistics Services:
We offer a complete range of assistance services across the Middle East:
  • Fixers/Interpreters.
  • Hotels Reservations & Transport.
  • Visas.
  • Car rental with English speaking drivers.
  • Office Space.

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