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Globecast UK

Globecast UK
Broadcast Services in London, UK: SNG uplinks - Production - News and Sports - 24/7 MCR and bookings, Fiber and international satellite delivery

200 Grays Inn Road 
London WC1X 8XZ 

Other International Office Locations: Beijing, Beirut, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Nairobi, New Delhi, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney.

24/7 booking:
Tel: +44 20 7753 3630/40
Fax: +44 20 7753 0906


  • 4 x London based HD Mpeg 2/4 KU SNG trucks
  • 1 x OB production truck
  • In house camera facilities and crews
  • 2 x HD Radiocameras
  • 2 x C / KU band HD Flyaways
  • 2 x UK based teleports for dual and diverse transmissions
  • Worldwide teleport (KU/KA/C Band) and fibre infrastructure providing an end to end managed service and Global distribution
  • Leased capacity on major European and Asia satellites
  • International Fiber Network in SD or HD linking all continents
  • Connectivity to BT Tower, and all major providers and domestic or international broadcasters
  • 24/7 MCR for both ad hoc and permanent services
  • Ready for breaking news, sport and special events

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