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Since its inception in 2010 Chinar Media, Afghanistan’s first and leading media services provider, has been offering services in Kabul to its local and international clients around the world.

DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering)


Chinar Media equipped with SD (Standard Definition) HD (Higher Definition) satellite Vehicles that are Ku Band Digital, and are able to transmit and receive world standard MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. Moreover, having advance transmission technology, Chinar also offers complex network allowing live reporting from parallel locations to broadcast news, conferences, and other events.

Other Services:

EFP (Electronic Field Production)

Equipped with Electronic Field Production Vehicles, Chinar Media facilitates mobile production suites. This includes all the features and equipment found in fixed production facilities with SD/HD formats.

Post-Production Services

Our professional editing teams are there to create and transform your footage with the help of latest editing software and hardware.

File Transfer Services

Chinar has capability and capacity of Satellite feeding via 10A, 21B, 16A, Eutelsat and Turksat, Azerspace, NSS12, ST2 and any ku Band available satellites in the region, or via high speed internet through FTP.

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