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Tel: +52 1 55 34 22 40 60
Tel: +52 1 55 54 54 36 10

SNG Services:

Cactus Film provides on-location live services via SNGs all over Mexico.  We have extensive experience in transmitting from natural disaster locations such as hurricanes and earthquakes; and world news events such as presidential tours, world forums and international conferences.

Through the years we have gained the experience and contacts which allows us to organize all kinds of satellite feeds, point to point or multi point destinations.

We don’t only cover breaking news but our experience includes corporate events like a recent one we did for Mercks worldwide event were we connected with 7 different countries.
Cactus Films (satellite) – Network Television services for the Americas - reliable connectivity for news, sports, and special events for Mexico City and beyond.

‘Wolf Coach’ KU uplink truck, 2.4m Andrew antenna, Twin 350W TWT’s with RF power combiner, 20KW Kohler generator (diesel).
Fully redundant, dual thread, 4 paths on board.
(2) Ericsson (Tandberg) 8040 encoders – HD/SD, Mpeg 2/4, with advanced modulation
(2) Tiernan HE-4000 HD/SD encoders – HD/SD, Mpeg2, QPSK,
Additional pathways on request, wiring in place for additional encoders
4 channels TW PL, 4 channels IFB, RTS Matrix, 5 Cell phones
Multiple IRD/Receivers – all formats/modulations
16 X 16 HDSDI, video, and audio routing,
8 input dual channel Evertz multi-display
Leitch X-75 up/down/cross converter
Videotek VTM-4100 QC monitoring including eye pattern, HD waveform monitoring, signal analysis
Mpeg stream analysis
HD record and playback – multi formats available
100 meters cable, 750 meters fiber system
Comfortable and spacious climate controlled workspace
24/7 availability

ENG Truck:

The latest addition to the list of services that we offer! Our truck is equipped with a 2.4 metre antenna for KU band, offering SD and HD transmission capability

Fibre Optic Hub:

Cactus Film offers an integral TV studio solution  for live stand-ups, guests and tape feeds.National and International clients choose Cactus Film and Video for their live transmissions, as lives and play outs because of our experience, and our state of the art equipment and our conveniently located offices with parking.  Our unrivaled live roof top position overlooking central Mexico City and our studio featuring a variety of backgrounds with scenes from the bustling capital also make it attractive as they know that the shot will always look good.

We are also well prepared for any eventuality with a power plant installed so that no mater what the conditions are we can transmit to the world.

News Coverage:

Cactus has provided crews and production support for international news coverage throughout the Americas for the last 15 years. We sent crews to cover the Elian Gonzalez story in Cuba (ABC news, 2000); Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans (BBC News, 2005); the outbreak of Swine Flu in Mexico (ABC & BBC News, 2009); the Haitian earthquake (ABC News, Al Jazeera English, 2010); the Chilean miners story for various international media outlets (2010) to name but a few. Our experienced crews and production teams have worked with the most experienced and renown correspondents from around the world. We are on standby to be deployed with all the equipment necessary to meet breaking news challenges throughout the Americas.

When hurricane Wilma struck the coast of Cancun in the southern part of Mexico, cactus was there to ensure the news traveled the world.


TV studio with a selection of back-lit postcard backgrounds

Our versatile studio features a selection of backgrounds of Mexico’s bustling capital making it the perfect setting for any type of guest interview at any time of day or night.

Live Positions:

We have two outdoor fibre optic live positions.

  • A roof top position on the 8th floor of our downtown offices gives us an incredible view towards the iconic “Torre Mayor”, the tallest building in Latin America and the prestigious St. Regis hotel..
  • An on street location in front of the impressive Cibeles roundabout, in the heart of Mexico City.

Multilingual Crews:

Cactus prides itself on its international team of highly talented individuals, with production experience and technical knowledge that maintains the highest standards in production worldwide.

The Cactus team is composed of a close-knit group of people from Mexico and around the world, all with a shared passion for this amazing country. Between us we have decades of production experience, including everything from the first stages of research and logistics for a project, to fixing and producing on location, shooting, editing and post-producing. Over the years our team has traveled to every corner of the region, shooting everything from the drug war, hurricanes and underwater life to Mexican cuisine, the Monarch butterflies, Aztec and Mayan recreations and the cultural richness of indigenous Mexico.

Gear Rental:

We take great pride in our equipment room here at Cactus because we run it like a fire department, always ready for any situation. This means that all our equipment is ALWAYS in perfect working order.

Our recent partnership with Revolution 435 means that we now not only provide all video equipment and the Weisscam but all PL mount lenses, 35MM equipment, heavy duty lighting and equipment as well as the transportation for it.

Production Services:

Since its creation in 1996, Cactus Film & Video has provided production services, ENG crews and equipment for domestic and international television networks, the production of documentaries, short films, commercials, corporate videos and video clips. Cactus aims to provide a platform to facilitate all types of productions in Mexico, particularly catering to the mainstream international media.

Cactus prides itself on its international team of highly talented individuals, with production experience and technical knowledge that maintains the highest standards in video production worldwide.

The office in downtown Mexico City hosts international news organizations and productions, facilitating a highly equipped workspace, including Fiber Optic I/O, satellite feed routing, broadband connection, multilingual staff and an extensive stock footage library.

Cactus maintains an up to date agenda of contacts with analysts, government institutions, private and public sector organizations, public figures, personalities and the Mexican television networks. We have extensive experience in coordinating and managing permits for all types of productions.

Cactus provides its own state of the art equipment ranging from an array of High Speed cameras, HD-Cams, lighting, sound, and a high-end post production facility.

Cactus offers packages adapted to your production needs.

Regular Clients Include:
ABC News, Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera English, Artear, BBC News, CBS, CBC, Chilevision, Canal Plus, Eurovision, Fuji TV, France 24, Global TV, Intelsat, NHK, Nippon TV, RCN Colombia, Seven Network and Video Cairo.

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