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China Unicom: official partner of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

Broadcast Services: Beijing, China - DSNG - Uplink trucks - Satellite transmission - SD/HD/UHD/IP - TV production facilities

Beijing Emergency Communication Bureau
P.O.B.1272 Daxing, Beijing, China 102600

Tel: +86 10 69244519
Fax: +86 10 69227003

About us:

Beijing Emergency Communication Bureau (BECB) is a functional bureau under Beijing Branch of China United Network Communications Corporation (China Unicom).

It has accumulated rich and professional experience in organization, management and in providing transportable satellite communication services by means of the latest technology equipment.

BECB meets the clients requirements not only domestically, providing services for CCTV, SMG, BTV etc. but also for overseas clients such as: EBU, BBC, NBC, Russia Today (RT), Bloomberg, NHK, GlobeCast etc. Much praise and trust has been acquired.

Wuhan Stadium: BECB live TV transmission and production from China. BECB offers live television production and transmission services in China

BECB accomplished transmission for Hangzhou G20 Summit for U.S. Pool, RT, NHK in 2016; 2017 BRICS Summit in Xiamen; 2018-2019 'One Belt One Road Summit'; 2019 FIBA World Cup World-feed, Super-feed and Unilateral news and some test events for 2022 Winter Olympics in recent years. BECB also went abroad to provide facilities and services in Sydney for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games,in Brunei for the 2000 APEC Summit Meeting , in Korea for the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, in Outer Mongolia for Korea President visiting.

For the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay on the Top of the World, Mount Zhumulangma, we sent two engineers and one unit IPT to complete the Special TV program. During the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games, we provided 12 DSNGs services for BOB (Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co.), NBC, TV GLOBO etc.

China Unicom has become the official partner of Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. BECB wishes to serve you “On Time and On Spot” and be your trustworthy friend and success-guaranteeing partner of your business! Facing the 2022 Olympics, meet you in Beijing, in China!

China Unicom SNG satellite truck. China Unicom: flyaway production and transmission

Services :

1. TPO and Fixed uplink /Downlink services

2. DSNG Services
  • 9*DSNG Trucks (3*Ku and 6*C band)
  • 2 Ku/C dual-band Flyaway
  • 1 KU IPT
  • Fully redundant Ku/C Band DSNG, SD, HD, UHD (4K)and IP capable
  • Encoding in 4:2:0/4:2:2 PAL / NTSC MPEG2/MPEG4/H.265; DVBS2/DVBS2X/NS3 modulation
  • With diesel generator mounted
  • Has joined in various domestic and international satellite organizations, such as Intelsat, Asiasat, APT, Sinosat, China Satcom, Jsat etc.

3. Power Supply Services of Communication-level
  • The transportable Power Supply Systems of communication-level can provide power with 1-phase or 3-phases, which makes it convenient and flexible to supply emergency power insurance in any circumstances.
  • Diesel Generator Trucks (20KW, 60 KW, 200KW)
  • Petrol Generator (2KW, 3KW, 5KW)

China Unicom supplies KU-band SNG satellite trucks. A China Unicom SNG satellite truck transmitting from the Great Wall
China Unicom is the official partner for the Beijing 2022 Winter Games
China Unicom OB van.

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