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Spain: Videe

Videe is a provider of OB services for live and recorded TV productions in Spain and worldwide.

Videoidea Videe S.L.
C/ Miguel Yuste, 16. 2° D
ES - 28037 Madrid

Phone: +34 910 569 987

Videe has 30 years experience in the broadcast industry ranging from reality and talent shows to international sport events, live news and documentaries.

National and international broadcasters, rights-holders and production companies rely on Videe for their production needs, which include the provision of OB Vans, flight case control rooms, editing facilities, optic fiber connections, satellite transmission facilities, technical crew, logistics.

Our work adapts to the type of production and location; transport and set up are timely taken care of, thus guaranteeing a fast and efficient service.

Our production units include:
  • OBVANs
  • MCR
  • Triax/optic fiber cameras
  • RF cameras
  • Editing facilities
  • Fully redundant SNG with on-board control room up to 3 cameras
  • Fully redundant flyaway SN

Contact us for enquiries and information.

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