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Outside Broadcast (OB) production services in Egypt.


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The Egyptian Media Production City is a world-class production spot with a very unique shooting location providing production services & equipment to the market since 2000.

EMPC (Media Services Center) is our newest division, offering an extensive range of production facilities, News gathering and Broadcast services ensuring that our clients get the job done quickly and efficiently. With studios overlooking Cairo’s greatest landscape, the Nile River, Cairo Tower and the unique Egyptian Opera House, our clients get a great advantage enjoying our extraordinary locations and the true essence of Egypt.

Live TV broadcast studio in Cairo, Egypt.

A great team of Journalists, producers, reporters and crews are available 24/7 to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow and accurate coverage of both planned events and breaking news. 

EMPC Technical Facilities

  • Satellite uplinks
  • Satellite space segments
  • SNGs
  • HD/SD OB vans
  • Full kit hd/sd ENG cameras
  • HD/SD editing facilities
  • HD/SD editing portable units (onsite editing)
  • Multi-format tape playout facilities
  • Full multi-format MCR

24/7 Operational Support

  • International satellite booking desk
  • Multilingual news producers
  • Field and remote production support
  • Highly qualified professional crews
  • Local fixers
  • International partnerships

News and Event Coverage

EMPC is the regional partner of EBU covering all events in MENA region and Africa. Responding immediately to breaking news with our fleet of SNGs and camera crews ensuring the delivery of the most accurate and efficient timely coverage to our clients

With our latest production facilities and experienced professional staff we handle your planned and scheduled events throughout the entire production process, we provide preproduction services including accreditation, research and necessary arrangements, to the very final steps of post-production.

EMPC's prominent premises provide our clients with all their special requirements, offering our international clients fully equipped professional workspaces in Cairo, dedicated studios and uplink paths, as well as a news desk supporting your reporting requirements.

SNG satellite uplink truck - EMPC Cairo, Egypt. Live shot overlooking Cairo, Egypt.


EMPC fully manned and equipped studios for DTLs and multi-camera Programs:
  • 12 Single camera studios (Live backdrops)
  • 230 m2 Studio
  • 3 Panoramic studios (Live backdrops/Chroma key)

Live TV broadcast studio in Cairo, Egypt from EMPC. EMPC broadcast studio in Cairo for live transmission production.
EMPC offers a live TV broadcast studio in Cairo. Cairo live TV broadcast studio supplied by EMPC.


EMPC owns various facilities all around the River Nile in the heart of Cairo.
The main facilities are located at 160 Nile Street, Agouza, 3rd, 11th, 18th and 19th floors.
Plus, two more facilities located at 1127 Nile Cornish, Maspero, 3rd floor.
And at 1103 Nile Cornish, Garden City, 7th floor.

EMPC provides OB Outside Broadcast production vans in Cairo Egypt.

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