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Cubic Media Production FZ LLC
Office No. C40-P1-98 – YAS Creative Hub – TwoFour54 – YAS South PO Box 769560, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel: +971 26 273338
M: +971 50 1577327


About us

The fastest growing television Broadcast and Production Company, based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, providing all scales of production and transmission services for SPORT, NEWS, EVENTS with latest technologies and experienced staff inside UAE, GCC and beyond.

A team of committed specialists in the TV industry leading the success of every mission from the short corporate video to super-sized sport and entertainment events.

Our beliefs in progress and development placed us steps ahead in the region bringing the latest technology to the market meeting our local and international client’s expectations


Outside Broadcasting

Leading the market with the first 20-Cameras 4K native format OB Trucks and Fly Cases, Cubic has created distinctive outdoor broadcasting facilities.

We proffer custom-based solutions ranging from large scale to small scale events such as sports, entertainment, festivals, ceremonies, and TV shows. Our cameras' capabilities boast vast options of video formats and guarantee to be well-equipped to cater to a given broadcasting plan.

With our experienced and specialized team, Cubic has extensively contributed to the media landscape in UAE and most of the GCC, moreover we are proud of providing services in the MENA region during the last 5 Years

  • 4K OB Vans
  • HD OB Vans
  • 4K/HD MPU’s

Cubic Production OB van serving Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE,


We proudly have large numbers of SNG systems in GCC. Cubic can provide all types of transmission and satellite solutions.
Worldwide space segments via various range of satellites with KU or C-Band capability.

Cubic is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment; they are proficient to handle the custom requirements to the client’s satisfaction level.

When its planned coverage or a last-minute order our six fully redundant units’ fleet is always ready to move. Years of experience serving our clients awarded us with their trust to reach all transmission services especially the events with an international flavor.

  • UHD/HD Fully Redundant DSNG Truck / Flyaway
  • 5G/4G/3G AVIWEST/Flex/MVP
  • IP Streaming Solutions

Cubic Production: SNG satellite trucks in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Cubic Production: SNG flyaways in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Cubic Production: Live IP streaming transmissions.

TV Production

Whatever the size of the TV production, three or forty-five cameras program our team takes every measure to accomplish perfection.

Our deep understanding in our industry makes it possible to provide high end scalable TV production solutions, not only that but developing and recruiting the traditional TV production on the new media.

Cubic Production: TV production facilities in the UAE.


Our own electronic reporting teams have been working for various TV stations where they generate full-videos for news broadcasts, magazines, features, documentaries and reports. In general, our teams consist of two specialists – a cameraman and a sound assistant. If the need occurs, however, they can at any time also be augmented by an editor.

  • ENG Rental
  • ENG Crews
  • Editing
  • TPO / FTP / Streaming

Cubic Production: live broadcast transmission services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Cubic Production: live transmission facilities in UAE.

Equipment Rental

Cubic possess an immense range of choices and solutions to fit our clients' production requirements extending from cables to specialist HD/4K equipment.

Audio and video mixers, HD and 4K Cameras, mini-Cameras, Airborne systems, Steadicams, HF systems, stage racer through fiber A/V and data transmitter/receiver units, Orbiter, dolly with and without tracks, fiber and GSM streaming units, talk-back systems, video audio encoders and de-coders, Walkie-Talkie systems, instant replay servers, audio and video converters, GSM Hybrids, power generators, audio/video routers, autocue system, camera’s sliders with tracks and much more.

Cubic Production: broadcast equipment rental in the UAE

Digital marketing and streaming

Digital Marketing is becoming an essential approach for businesses success around the world.

Our role is simple: we’re here to help you understand the best opportunities available to you and to help you execute campaigns that are aligned to the success of your business. Digital Marketing should always be a results-based activity and delivering performance is our primary objective for all client engagements.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Marketing and Management SEM & SEO services
  • Social Media Streaming Services
  • Virtual and Hybrid events

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