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GM Links
Based in the Middle East, GM Links provides satellite space and turnaround services.


Mobile: 00972595700341 // 00972595880097
Tel: 0097282822491

Based in the Middle East, GM Links provides a variety of services including space segment satellite capacity, Network and Turn around.

GM links is an international organization founded by experts in the areas of Media, Broadcast and Communications. Our experience of editorial, technical and creative capabilities are combined with our skills in planning and execution. We aim to be innovative in the way we work by delivering our years of experience in newsrooms and on-site events' coverage as well as dealing with local and international corporations and TV networks. Our solutions in production and state-of-the-art transmission technologies enable clients to be connected all over the world. 

Satellite space segment:

  • We are working in both, occasional use and long term lease.
  • We can provide capacity from 3 MHz to 72 MHz, in all bands (C-Band , KU-Band and KA-Band) in both polarity.
  • We are ready for any special event coverage.
  • Satellites that we are work on: Eutelsat, Arabsat, Intelsat, Asiasat, Astra and Express and we can provide any special satellite you may request.

Network and Communication: (Teleport Services):

  • Can transport and deliver content in many formats including ASI, IP, SDI and HD-SDI Ethernet etc…
  • We can make a turnaround process from all Satellite bands or IP Signal to any Satellite bands or IP signal
  • Designed for reliable transport at all times: self-healing network with redundant paths and ring architectures to ensure flawless worldwide delivery for broadcast content.
  • 24/7 monitoring with worldwide end-to-end service supervision and management

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