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Dedicated OU satellite capacity and a truly global fiber network.

Globecast Ad Hoc Bookings in Paris
Bookings Centre: Globecast Paris bookings:

Tel: + 33 1 44 61 47 00

Satellite Capacity for OU

72Mhz on Eutelsat 7A (7°East)
72 Mhz on Eutelsat 10A (10°East)
18Mhz on AsiaSat 5

Ad-Hoc MCPC Platforms from Paris:

SES 5 Ku Band (8 Mb)
Eutelsat 5 WA Ku band (8 Mb Mpeg 4 HD)
Eutelsat 5WA C band (4.5 Mb)

Globecast Backbone Network Fiber

- A truly global fiber network with more than 30 fiber points-of-presence across all continents.

- Can transport and deliver content in many formats including ASI, IP, SDI, HD-SDI Ethernet etc

- Designed for reliable transport at all times: self-healing network with redundant paths and ring architectures to ensure flawless worldwide delivery for broadcast content

- 24/7 Monitoring with worldwide end-to-end service supervision and management.

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