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PMP TV (Baghdad, Erbil)

PMP TV (Baghdad, Erbil)
PMPTV offers Live Studios and Live Positions in Baghdad and Erbil


00970 828 41004
00970 828 41005

Palestine Media Production Company is one of the media pioneers in Palestine. PMP was established in 1995, under the license by the Ministry of Information.

We offer cooperation with TV channels & production companies in several places around the world such as: Gaza, West Bank, Jerusalem, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Moscow, Istanbul, Islamabad, Jordan, Yemen, Tunisia, Lebanon, Washington and London.

We work with many top international broadcasters, production companies, corporations, NGOs and public organizations.

Facilities and Equipment in Baghdad and Erbil:

  • Live Studio/standup
  • Tape Feed ( All SD formats )

Live Position and Live Studio

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