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ITA tel: +39 3489285770
Uk tel: +44 7796926991

Headquartered in London and based in Rome from 2010, Raw-News is a video news agency that offers innovative Live streaming solutions, through which your reporters now have the chance to go Live from anywhere, anytime. Working worldwide.

For cellular video transmission, we provide:

  • Aviwest units, rentals with or without our crews.
  • Quicklink live streaming facilities.
  • Custom rtmp live streaming based on our servers.


Based in Rome, working nationwide, Raw-News provides English speaking Eng/DoP Camera crews with 15+ years of experience in the field of News, Documentaries and Tv-programs production.
  • One-man-band cam crews: shooting, editing, delivering and lives.
  • Bilingual fixers and tv producers
  • Sound recordist with gear

In house facilities:

4K/HD full frames and broadcast cameras, Drones, field and studio editing, FTP servers, Live streaming facilities, Sound recording and light equipment.

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