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Purple Turtle Media

IP streaming - live video IP broadcasting in South Africa and Africa.

24/7 Bookings:
Tel: +27 83 6540932
South Africa: +27 87 550 6032
USA-LA: +1 323 716 0932
UK: +44 748 082 0932

Skype username: 'edwoodza'
Fax: +27 86 614 3040 or +27 83 118 6540932

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Web :

Streaming for Africa.

Many say “Live streaming in Africa does not work or won’t work; bandwidth is too slow and few people have access to connectivity so there is no point going the streaming route.”

We agree and disagree with this view.

Streaming does not work with other suppliers because it's setup for USA or EU streaming and not for Africa, so you see users having to connect to servers in EU or USA to view.

Purple Turtle Media streaming is built for African delivery.

The Purple Turtle Media streaming network has 1.5 years proven track record to reach into areas not usually accessible, and with Africa based POP’s as well as POP’s in the usual popular EU and USA locations we ensure the best global delivery as well as to Africa.

The biggest growth in Africa and internet usage is the mobile sector, this is why all our streaming services deliver to desktops as well as all mobile devices worth their salt so you have a greater reach for your live events.

We are able to offer you unique streaming solutions from anywhere in Africa and for that matter the world utilizing our IP Networks and SNG’s to deliver live events back to our POP’s for areas with limited bandwidth.

Nowhere is too remote to go live streaming from and we welcome the challenge.

Services offered are:

  •  SNG to Streaming
  •  Multi Camera Productions streamed
  •  Live Studio to stream from in Johannesburg and Cape Town
  •  Satellite TV channels streamed 24/7
  •  HLS Streaming to IOS devices (Iphone/ipad)
  •  SD-HD quality

You dream it, we stream it!

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