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Hot Spot SRL


Address: Via Castellana, 59/D
30037 Scorze VENICE

Telephone: +39 041 8306027; +39 329 6872737

Based near Venice and member of ANIBA (national association of broadcast industries), the offices and personnel of Hot Spot SRL are ideally situated to work in Northen Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerlad, Croatia and Mozambico (covered by our branch).

Through our production and transmission facilities, Hot Spot SRL is able to provide the end user with unsurpassed broadcast quality at a price that will make the production accountant happy.

The remote production structure, refined over time to ensure reliability, quality and cost optimization, provides the intervention on field of a limited number of resources compared to the traditional production infrastructure.

The solution offers the possibility of scalable multi-cameras production with the same technical reliability as traditional structures, allowing faster installations and releasing the cameras from static shooting points during the event.

The technology is focused on a 1080i or 4KLIVE U 600 production feeds transmitted to the remote control room.

The trasmission of each signals of the individual cameras are allow by a strong LTE 4G and 5G connections, WiFi and LAN aggregated in order to guarantee a continuous signals flow and clear communications to cameramen, technicians and eventual on site reporter.

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