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GM Links

To book our live IP video streaming transmission facilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, please contact us either via email or phone:


Mobile: +972595700341 // +972595880097
Tel: +97282822491

GM Links provides a variety of services including space segment satellite capacity, Network and Turn around.

GM Links is an international organization founded by experts in the areas of Media, Broadcast and Communications. Our experience of editorial, technical and creative capabilities are combined with our skills in planning and execution. We aim to be innovative in the way we work by delivering our years of experience in newsrooms and on-site events' coverage as well as dealing with local and international corporations and TV networks. Our solutions in production and state-of-the-art transmission technologies enable clients to be connected all over the world. 

We established our new media production services in Ethiopia – Addis Ababa. This office will provide :

  • TVU IP video transmission
  • Live studio position
  • ENG crew.(camera crew and editing facilities)
  • Production facilities (inside and outside production equipment)
  • outside live coverage
  • News room services

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