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EKLA/Horizon Broadcast

EKLA Ingénierie and Horizon Broadcast have gathered to offer a range of production, engineering and technical facilities.

With a long term experience of 20 years in the broadcast environment, we are ready to offer the most convenient and efficient technical solution around Lyon, near the French Alps, close to Switzerland and 3 hours from Montpellier and Marseille.

Our technical and creative staff (ENG crew, journalists, editors, sound and video technicians, engineers) are skilled to work on news or sport events as well as hard news. We supply the best production and transmission facilities (satellite Ku/Ka, 3G/4G), and also occasional broadcast services (IPTV Ku , optical fiber delivery, 4G, Ka, Hotspots Wifi, remote production, streaming & CDN).


Eric Rousseau
+33 6 89 39 13 01

Facilities :

2 Ku Band SNG
1 Ka Band SNG with Ka satellite transmission
4G multi cellular routers (bonding / load balancing)
1 Ku Band fly away (IATA) fully redundant
3 fly away Ka Sat (IATA) fully redundant

Fly away transmission 3G/4G (4G aggregator)
2 Aviwest systems

Cloud CDN services for streaming and custom-made HLS/DASH players Hotspots wifi

Live positions
Play Out
ENG crew (news, documentary)

3 editing rooms
3 mobile editing devices

Remote production master room (up to 12x inputs, 2x ME, 1x Slow-Mo and Intercom Riedel system)

Globecast SERTE connectivity: SDI / IP Access (2xIN & 2xOUT)

Satellite booking service (Ku / Ka)

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