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Amaral Media

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We are an innovative audiovisual production company that stands out for bringing events directly to the global audience through live streaming broadcasts. Our technical and creative expertise allows us to provide high-quality streaming solutions for a wide range of events, from conferences and concerts to corporate presentations. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and seamless delivery, we ensure every important moment is shared in real time with audiences around the world, creating meaningful connections and memorable experiences.

We cover: Andalusia / Almeria / Granada / Malaga / Seville / Marbella / Madrid / Barcelona / Gibraltar / Portugal / Jaén / Murcia

LiveU 800 5G backpacks provides all the equipment and crew necessary for your production including ENG, editing, FTP, Multicamera production,
At our audiovisual production company, we specialize in bringing the live streaming experience anywhere with our advanced technology. Whether it's outdoor sporting events, interviews in remote locations, or real-time coverage of breaking news, our live streaming capabilities allow us to be agile and versatile, giving our clients the ability to reach their audiences in time. real from any corner of the world with incomparable quality and reliability.

In our audiovisual production company, we are experts in ENG (Electronic News Gathering). We work closely with media outlets and businesses to provide accurate and timely news coverage. Our team of highly trained journalists and videographers are always ready to deploy into the field, capture breaking stories and deliver broadcast-quality visual content to keep audiences informed and connected to events in real time.

In our audiovisual production company, we are proud to be leaders in the streaming of conferences and corporate events. We offer complete, high-quality solutions to bring congresses to a global audience in real time. From technical setup to interactive content management and personalized viewing experience, we are committed to making conference participation accessible and effective for a global audience, driving the spread of ideas and innovation globally.



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