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UK: Patron Network

UK: Patron Network
Patron Network can provide rental of Broadcast equipment.

Satellite and Events Desk:
T: +44 (0) 161 713 3826
M: +44 (0) 745 916 8958


Studio & Location rental:

Situated in Mediacity UK, Hub for all Media requirements within UK. We have 2 x studio(s) floors available (1,500 sq.ft & 4,500 Sq.ft respectively).

  • Control Room, Sound Control, Lighting Control and using 3 cameras.
  • Saturated lighting grid (if additional lighting is required this would need to be hired in).
  • Day Set & Light.
  • Rehearse & Record Day.
  • Day Strike & De-rig.
  • Post Production Services.

Equipment Rental:

Patron Network can provide equipment rental on the below, however if anything below does not fit your needs, we provide consultancy services where we will always try to meet your needs. Visit for further information.

  • DSNG- Flyaway.
  • Outside Broadcast (OB) Van.
  • HD/SD SDI Camera(s)
  • Audio & Studio equipment.
  • Camera Crew(s), Soundman, lighting etc


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