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Mexico: Cactus Film & Video

We can provide all the broadcast hire equipment you need for any production in Mexico.



24hr Telephone Contact:

Tel: +52 155 27 29 85 63
Tel: +52 1 55 54 54 36 10

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Hi End Cine Equipment

Our partnership with Revolution 435 means we can provide ALL the equipment you need for ANY production in Mexico

Video Underwater gear rental

Now your underwater footage will be in HD with our new HDAmphibican underwater housing for the Sony EX3

Aerial Filming

Stabilized camera systems are state-of-the-industry equipment used on award winning productions around the world.

High Speed Filming

Cactus and Revolution 435 bring the new Weisscam HS-2 MKII to Mexico

The incredible new multi-purpose camera by P+S Technik is now available for rent in Mexico thanks to Cactus Film and Video and Revolution 435. This amazing camera is capable of shooting from 1fps to 4000fps in a plethora of formats making it incredibly easy to adapt to your work flow.

Cineflex Elite High Speed Footage

The incredible Cineflex system is now in Mexico thanks to our new partnership with Aerial Film Works. The Cineflex Elite and Cineflex V14 HD stabilized camera systems are state-of-the-industry equipment used on award-winning productions around the world. Gyro-stabilized motors remove even the slightest vibration creating rock solid HD video capture.

Ultralight Planes

Thanks to the technology developed for Ultralight Planes, we discovered the most convenient method for aerial photography and filming. The result is a versatile system called GliderCam, that allows us to shoot in almost any kind of location. Cameras can be mounted in several places, allowing us to shoot from a wide variety of angles and therefore obtaining spectacular shots. The Glider Cam has the capability to shoot at very high altitudes. We have been able to take very nice shots of the highest volcanoes in Mexico (over 17,000 ft.).

Click here to download the full list of rental equipment

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